**Post has been updated with results**

Ultra Fight Night: Battle In The Pandagon returns to Houston for the Capcom Pro Tour event, Texas Showdown. Five of Texas’ top competitors step into The Pandagon to defend their turf vs foreign invaders. Who will come out on top in these ”first-to-5” style exhibitions featuring Street Fighter V?

Check out the OFFICIAL UFN fightcard below

Strider vs Magneto

WFX | 801Strider (Salt Lake City, UT) vs BOTB | Magneto1080p (Austin, TX)

801Strider takes the set 5-3


Hamad vs Krey

Hamad (Houston, TX)   vs   Kreymore (New York City, NY)

Kreymore takes the set 5-3


Arban vs Cubano

Arban (Dallas, TX)   vs   DM | El Cubano Loco (Sunnyvale, CA)

Arban takes the set 5-2


Daddy vs Andre

SweetDaddyGoodLo (Houston, TX)   vs   TFA | OmGiTzAndre (Cleveland, OH)

OmGiTzAndre takes the set 5-1


Broly vs Ice

CH | Brolylegs (Houston, TX)    vs   PxG | Ice (Oklahoma City, OK)

Ice takes the set 5-0


Missed the action? Watch the replays in the official Ultra Fight Night playlist for Texas Showdown!