The PxG Online Championships has returned featuring Street Fighter V! The popular online tournament series has an official return date.

Season 1 begins on May 2nd and will feature online tournaments every Monday through May 23rd. With our easy to use tournament system you can compete from the comfort of your own home without depleting much time from your day. Each Monday we will run a double elimination style bracket with the top 8 finals live streamed on Panda x Gaming’s Twitch channel.

Season 1 Schedule: All tournaments begin at 8PM CST (Central Standard Time)
Episode 1: May 2nd
Episode 2: May 9th
Episode 3: May 16th
Season Finale: May 23rd

Registrations will open same day at 3PM CST. Follow us @pandaxgamingus for live updates.

Next Tournament Date: May 2nd
Start Time: 8PM CST (Central Standard Time)
Tournament Registration: Closed
Tournament Bracket: TBD
Tournament Stream:
**Top 8 is scheduled to go live at 10PM CST. Times may vary

How do you enter this tournament? Follow these simple steps! 
1. Create a FREE account. This is required. Skip this step if you already have an account.
2. Once you’ve logged into your Challonge account, you will register for this tournament via the form below. (when available)
3. Upon registering you will have an option to ”create an alternate username” that will be used to identify you within the bracket.
4. This username MUST be your Capcom Fighters Network (CFN) ID. We are not responsible for CFN IDs that are entered incorrectly and we will DQ you if needed.
5. Once the bracket is seeded and the tournament begins you will invite your opponents via their CFN ID.
6. Players will play a 2/3 set and the WINNER will report the score via Challonge to advance in the bracket.
7. All players are responsible for setting up their matches and reporting the results through Challonge.
8. STOP at winner’s/loser’s TOP 4 as we will be streaming the entire top 8.

– Must reside within the continental United States (some areas of Canada).
– Players MUST use a wired internet connection with a minimum speed of 10mbps download and 4mbps upload.
– 2/3 games, 2/3 rounds – loser’s, winner’s and grand finals are 3/5 games.
– Double elimination bracket capped at 64 entrants.
– Winner cannot change their character, only the loser can.
– No use of macros or game altering controllers and techniques.
– We have the right to review match footage via the Capcom Fighter’s Network for disputes.
– Users have 8 minutes to respond to game invites. If your opponent hasn’t responded please contact us for further action.

Currently there are no prizes for this series. We are working hard on attracting new and exciting sponsors so we can reward players for their performances! As of right now we can put on an awesome show for our top 8 finalist.

Interested in sponsoring this event? Please email us at

Problems or disputes?
– Message us (PxGTourney) on Challonge or…
– Tweet us @pandaxgamingus

Q: How do I enter?
A: Read the instructions above!

Q: I’m being told my opponents CFN doesn’t exist, what should I do?
A: CFN has issues with sending invites to ID’s that include underscores. If your opponents CFN ID has an underscore, add them to your favorites by searching for them in the CFN menu under ”rival search”. If their CFN ID is entered improperly on the bracket THEY are responsible for that and are liable to be disqualified.

Q: I’ve sent multiple invites and haven’t heard from my opponent. What should I do?
A: If you’ve waited at least 8 minutes and your opponent hasn’t shown up, you must contact us via one of the methods above. We will investigate the issue and give the player 3 minutes to respond to us before being disqualified.

Q: When attempting to register I’m getting a Challonge error. What am I doing wrong?
A: Please make sure the email address you are signing up with matches the email address associated with your CHALLONGE account.